Wavelength-tunable high-fidelity entangled photon sources enabled by dual Stark effects

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Emerging near-infrared luminescent materials for next-generation broadband optical communications

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High-performance eight-channel system with fractal superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors

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Analytical impact excitation of Er/O/B co-doped Si light emitting diodes

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Physical Review Letters

Slimmed optical neural networks with multiplexed neuron sets and a corresponding backpropagation training algorithm

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Coherent control of a high-orbital hole in a semiconductor quantum dot

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Nature Nanotechnology
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Reservoir computing and task performing through using high- lasers with delayed optical feedback

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Atomic plane misorientation assisted crystalline quality improvement in epitaxial growth of AlN on nano-patterned sapphire (0001) surface for deep ultraviolet photoelectric devices

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Semiconductor Membranes for Electrostatic Exciton Trapping in Optically Addressable Quantum Transport Devices

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Polarization-orthogonal nondegenerate plasmonic higher-order topological states

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PT symmetric single-mode line-defect photonic crystal lasers with asymmetric loss design

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Theoretical analysis and modelling of degradation for III–V lasers on Si

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Stepwise irradiative engineering based on Einstein quantum theory for promoting PVA/TiO2 photocatalytic activity at minimized irradiance consumption

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Photocurrent detection of radially polarized optical vortex with hot electrons in Au/GaN

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