Photonic Integrated Circuit

Using modular design and standard foundry processes, we can design and implement highly integrated photonic integrated chips, such as 100-400GHz optical transceiver modules for short-range optical communications. Photonic chips can also integrate single photon sources and photon switches to provide an optical platform for future quantum computing.

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Quantum Optics Devices

The coupled microcavity system can also be applied to cavity quantum electrodynamic systems to achieve high-speed control of Asia-Pacific Hertz. We have designed a microcavity system composed of quantum dots and coupled microcavities to achieve high-speed modulation of Rabbi oscillations. This modulation technique can be applied to distributed quantum computing in the future.

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Microcavity Pulsed Laser

Using coupled photonic crystal microcavities to control the quality factor of the microcavity in the time domain, we designed a Q-switched laser with a pulse width of up to 10 picoseconds. This kind of pulsed laser can be applied to on-chip optical interconnection to realize high-speed information transmission between computing cores on multi-core chips.

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Vertical Cavity Optical Switch and Optical Modulator

Using the enhancement effect of the vertical cavity on the optical nonlinearity, we fabricated a vertical cavity photon switch based on a cylindrical structure. An optical switch with a switching speed of 20 picoseconds and a switching energy consumption of 1 femtoJoule/square micron was realized. This optical modulation device can be applied to high-speed low-power optical networks. At the process level, we have realized a micropillar structure with extremely high steepness, with an etching depth of 10 microns and a horizontal resolution of less than 200 nanometers.

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