Si Chen


2016.03-NowElectronic and Electrical Engineering│PhDUniversity of Sheffield
2014.09-2016.01Electronic and Electrical Engineering│Master (Distinction)University of Sheffield
2009.09-2013.06Electronic Science and Technology│BachelorHuazhong University of Science & Technology (985)


Q-factor Control Based On Laterally Coupled Vertical Cavities ——– 2018.02-Now
1. Based on Comsol Multiphysics, a FEM method to simulated and analyze the optical modes and coupled states of different optical structures
2. Be able to use Leditor/Klayout to design the optical masks
3. Be familiar with the GaAs-based fabrication processes and device characterization
4. Be able to design and setup the micro-PL setup for various devices
Simulation and Analysis of Double Ring Resonator ——– 2017.06-2018.01
1. Based on FDTD method,using Rsoft to build the model and simulate its optical properties, and finding its advantages over conventional structures
2. Analyze and optimize its chirp effects
Simulation of Ⅲ-Ⅴ QD Light Source ——– 2016.07-2017.04
1. Built a theoretical model based on rate equations to analyze the optical properties of an electrically pumped CW QD light source
2. The simulation results match well with the experimental data


University of Sheffield, Diamond Cleanroom │ Research Assistant ——— 2017.10-2018.06
1. Assist the professor with project progress Lab maintenance
2. Help students with the device processing and equipment operation
University of Sheffield │ Teaching Assistant ——– 2017.09-2018.05
1. Help students with project management
2. Help students with theoretical and experimental work, and answer questions
3. Build the communication between students and professor


  • Fabrication processes of III-V semiconductors, including Lithography,Wet/Dry etching(ICP, RIE),Metal Evaporation, etc
  • Optical Measurement Skills,be able to setup two-beam micro-PL platform and reflection measurement platform
  • Comsol Multiphysics,Matlab and Rsoft for optical simulation and analysis
  • Labview for interface development
  • SEM and AFM for sample characterization


Travelling, Boxing, Fitness

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